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Originally established in England in 2007, Metallic Design Ltd extended its services in the Designing sector by collaborating in 2014 with the company “Hellas Prototyping Ltd” thus forming a powerful team of experts specializing in Alloy Extrusion and 3D Techniques for 3D scanning and 3D Printing. The company has an aggregated experience of more than 25 years in the local and international markets. Metallic Design UK Limited, Registered in England No: 9880600


Industrial Design

For us industrial design means alloy extrusion, architectural systems, metallic cross sections, parts and assemblies


3D Technology

Reverse Engineering applications, 3d Scanning and 3D Printing both for plastic and metal parts


Unique Design

"On demand" designs and schematics according to client's individual specs



  • Metallic Design Ltd in 2007

    Posted: 20 - Jan - 2007

    Originally established in England in 2007

  • BLK Industry

    Posted: 20 - Jan - 2008

    Designing a complete set of Architectural Systems (7 different products in number) for BLK Industry, for the fabrication of Sliding & opening , plane and thermal insulated windows & doors.

  • Catalog for GS

    Posted: 22 - Feb - 2011

    Creating an integrated technical library of all accessories and parts, together with an analytical technical product catalog for GS: a shading and insect screen fabricator.

  • Roof garden Tops

    Posted: 22 - Feb - 2013

    Designing a module for garden Roof tops for public and commercial buildings that can be combined with lower case thin film Photovoltaics base.The result is a Green Roof top Building that produces electric power.

  • 3D Technology

    Posted: 20 - Jan - 2014

    Introducing the 3D technology design applications and implementing 3D Drawing blueprints for energy material applications

  • Globall Services

    Posted: 12/01/2015

    Introducing the company and its services globally


METALLIC DESIGN efficiently cooperates with professionals within the most of the sectors of



  • Blueprint schematics design
  • Designing of aluminum and metallic cross sections, parts and assemblies
  • Industrial detailed schematics
  • Custom made (on demand) alloy and metal profiles development


Efficiency testing

  • Industrial conformation application
  • Reverse engineering control
  • Simulation testing



  • Rapid prototyping through 3D printing
  • ADS parts mid scale production
  • Automotive and Aerospace alloy and metal parts


Consultancy Services

  • Project feasibility analysis
  • Project management and coordination
  • Technical & engineering consulting
  • Post production services



New clients to family


Project finished


Many years experience


Friendly support

W What We are Good At

3D Printing

We have a unique approach to our work, founded on planning and insight development. We take time out to understand the model, and before going to production, we always use 3d printing technology in order to show our customers the final product and make any changes

3D Scanning

In complex objects that measurements cannot be taken, our engineers will complete the process with the aid of 3d Scanning technology and with reverse engineering.

Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy to date, has been accepted in the market with appreciation for its balance and, the level of cooperation is framed only by the clients highest demands or expectations.


For any additional information or a friendly exchange of opinion we will be honored only to receive your professional call at our contact numbers.



Projects Designed and Patented by Metallic Design Ltd


Why Design with Aluminum Extrusions

With its low price point and numerous benefits, aluminum has quickly gained favor among manufacturers across a number of industries.  Here are ten reasons why designers and manufacturers are increasing their use of aluminum.


Visualizing a CAD

Prototyping is the first step in any world-changing product. There are many software tools on the market to simulate part design and conduct an analysis of manufacturability, but having a physical model is a necessary step in any successful product development cycle.


Aluminum Alloy Development for the Airbus A380

The large size of the A380 aircraft, the corresponding loads and the targeted structural weight led to significantly higher requirements for alloy properties. This meant that improvements had to be made in the two major design axes, static performance and/or damage tolerance. To achieve these goals, the Alcan-Airbus Integrated Project Teams worked to both extend and qualify existing alloys, and to develop new dedicated alloys.

Position of the European aluminium industry on CO2 & cars

The aluminium industry recognizes the need for a drastic reduction of the GHG emissions to counter ongoing climate changes and has taken appropriate actions: In the production of primary aluminium, continuous efforts to reduce specific GHG emissions led to significant savings: -7.7% between 2002 and 20051 .

Aluminium : The metal that just keeps on giving

Two hundred years ago, no-one knew aluminium existed. Today it is everywhere – in cans, window frames, packaging, even car bodies. New uses for it are constantly being discovered – but it’s possible that one day we’ll be able to stop mining the ore, and rely completely on recycling.
Aluminium has a split personality.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with 3D Printing

With traditional manufacturing methods, it’s not practical to manufacture a single item or short run of products — it’s simply too expensive, in terms of both time and money. Securing factory space, setting up a production line and procuring jigs and fixtures all incur substantial costs that can’t be justified for a few items.

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